12 Amazing Interior Design Colour Schemes for Homes

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Colour is an integral part of our lives, and can affect our moods and emotions. That is why interior design colour schemes play an important role in homes, as it can change the look and feel of a room. The colour of the painton the wall, the type of finish on your furniture, and even the material used for curtains, sofas and bedsheets, can evoke different feelings and atmospheres. That is why good interior design plays a large part in both commercial properties and residential homes.

Since we’re not professional interior designers here at Estate123.com (we’ll leave that to the experts), we decided to put this “30-Perfect-Color-Schemes” guide – originally meant for online graphic design – to the test, and see whether colour schemes for print and online media would be able to translate well into actual, physical interior design for homes.

Blue, Orange & Red
This primarily blue-grey living with a splash of wine-red and hints of orange exudes a calm, soothing vibe. While not necessarily eye-catching at first glance, the combination of classic sofas and modern artwork go well together with this colour scheme.

Blue, Grey, Red, Orange Room
Source: House & Garden UK

Chocolate & Pink
Sweet pink tones perfectly complement the chocolate-hued furniture in this bedroom, which would be perfect for girls aged eight to 80. 😛 Personally, we’d swap the leafy-print chair for something more comfortable and less loud.

Brown, Chocolate, Pink Bedroom
Source: Decoist

Blue & Neutral
We love the juxtaposition of the rattan table and chairs with the plush blue velvet sofa. Despite the opposite textures, there’s a very homey feel to this blue-toned living room. The rattan hammock chair is definitely a fun addition, and works as a conversation piece as well.

Blue Living Room
Source: Country Living Magazine

Pink, White & Grey
It may not sound like the most cheerful of colour combinations, but this pink, white and grey baby room makes us want to snuggle into a ball on the daybed and relax while the baby is sleeping. The deep pink walls add a pop of colour to the room, and you can’t go wrong with white and grey for a nice, clean look.

Pink Grey Nursery
Source: Project Nursery

Brown, Red & Cream
Deep, warm colours anchor this modern living room, with a touch of retro in the curtains, lamps and framed photograph. The dark brown rug and feature wall may look a little gloomy, but lots of bright natural sunlight from the windows make it look comfy and inviting, while the red pillows throw a splash of cheery colour.

Red Brown Cream Coffee Table
Source: HGTV

Pastel Blue & Lavender Purple
A bedroom fit for a fairy princess! Pretty pastel hues of blue and lavender purple dominate this airy bedroom, which even has a small chandelier light for magical nights. We love the little details in the fresh flower decorations and simple furniture that doesn’t clutter up the room.

Source: Margot Austin

Green, Red & Neutral
Green walls may not be everybody’s first choice (or second, for that matter), but sometimes, you gotta work with what you’ve got, and this quirky combination of colours certainly does that. Add some wood-texture items to tone down the loud walls, and make sure you have plenty of sunlight to go with that stunning vintage red chair.

Green Cream Red Living Room
Source: Lavita Home

Blue, Pink & White
One of our favourite finds is this cozy little corner – it could be the space under the staircase, a small attic, or even an oddly-shaped room corner. The calm blue walls match perfectly with the white furniture, and pink flower accents add a touch of charm to the entire setup. Did we mention love the idea of cushion-top drawers that are perfect for lounging on?

White Pink Muted Blue
Source: HGTV

Shades of (Dark) Blue-Grey
Create a statement with this living room, composed entirely of dark blue-grey elements. Despite the initial gloomy impression, you’ll find that the sombre tones can be very comfortable and calming. Look on the ‘bright’ side: at least stains won’t show so easily!

Dark Blue Living Room
Source: Home Interior Decor Ideas

Green & Yellow
If dark blue-grey (above) is perfect for Batman’s living room, then this cheery green and yellow kitchen is definitely where Robin would hang out in his free time! We imagine a colour combination like this (especially in the kitchen, of all places) would get old really fast, but who knows? One thing’s for sure: mum always said greens were good for health! 😛

Green Yellow Kitchen
Source: This Old House

Blue, Red & Yellow
This bedroom colour scheme would be great for both boys and girls; you’d just need to change the décor a little. The white windows and fireplace match the white furniture, complemented by the blue walls and yellow ceiling. Throw in a colourful rug, toys and that snug little egg-chair from IKEA and you’re all set for bedroom and play room.

Boys Bedroom in Blue, Red & Yellow
Source: Decoist

Rainbow Colours
Who says loud, bright colours are garish? In the case of this living room, rainbow-coloured shelves and rug are the main focus, while everything else – from the wall to the wooden beams to the furniture – blends in perfectly, giving the place a cozy, comfy vibe.

Colourful room
Source: Houzz

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