5 Creative Furniture Ideas for SoHo Offices

It is now the trend to buy SoHo (small office/home office) units in cities, as they can be used as a residential abode for own stay, a cozy office space for small companies, or even just for investment purposes. In fact, there are many such developments in the Klang Valley, which are considered fairly affordable and thus in good demand among property buyers.

As with all properties, each and every buyer or occupant will have an idea of what they want their personal spaces to look like. That goes for office spaces in SoHo units; in fact, it is even more important that you choose your furniture and furnishings carefully due to the smaller space these units offer. Here are some ideas to help you add some pizzaz to your SoHo office and impress your guests!

Elegant 2-in-1 Leather Sofa (ZM-SF19)

Space-saving convenience is the name of the game, and this elegant lounger is ideal for an office that values open discussion without compromising on quality or comfort. This two-seat sofa comes with an attached table in the middle, so you don’t need to add a separate coffee table when entertaining guests or placing items. It provides sufficient privacy to visitors, yet affords an appropriate distance which is not too far apart so that guests can comfortably have discussions together. Available in both black and tan, these two colours are sure to suit any office setting.

Versatile Spiral Lounger (ZM-SF58)

If bright, cheerful modern offices are more your style, these versatile spiral loungers will be right up your alley! One of these can be a comfy seat on its own, or two can be connected together yet maintain a level of privacy due to its back-to-back design. Perfect for public spaces like libraries, small office waiting areas, or relaxed co-working spaces, guests can reply private emails or carry out online banking without worrying about the people sitting next to them. These colourful loungers combine both form and function, making them great choices for SoHo offices.

Round-Bottom Two-Tone Padded Chair (ZM-R106 series)

Stylish office chairs are rarely comfortable to sit in, but this particular chair is here to meet the needs of both! A working chair that fits both home and office use, the seat portion has a layer of fabric that provides an extra layer of comfort on a standard round-bottom PP seat. With a 580mm width, the seat is wide enough to fit all sizes. So no worries if you’re a little on the meaty end! The chair sits on a swivel frame that is attached to sturdy metal legs with high quality wheels, so you can easily spin and move around. Available in various colours and leg configurations.

Geometric Mix-&-Match Straight-Backed Chair (Y101 series)

For those who prefer simple, yet customisable chairs to suit their design aesthetic, these geometric straight-backed chairs are the ideal solution. The seats come in several different colours, and the legs can be mixed and matched to fit most preferences, be it the regular four-legged square base or four-wheeled swivel chair style. They can also be customised to include a fabric layer for extra comfort and a two-tone look.

Modern Origami Mix-&-Match Chair (Y107 series)

Looking for something familiar but with a twist? These origami-inspired mix-and-match chairs are perfect for home, office, restaurant, or cafe, depending on the interior design and style. The most popular styles are the ones with wide, wooden legs. With its unique arm rest design and stylish seat base, this particular chair is an all-rounder that can smoothly transition from dining room to discussion table. Just like the geometric straight-backed chair, this moden origami chair is also available in different colour and leg combinations, making it a highly customisable and versatile choice for SoHo offices.

Keen to get these funky furnishings for your SoHo or commercial office? Check out SofaGuru for more choices and inspirations, or contact Anson Low at 016-2075499 for direct enquiries.

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