5 Reasons Why City Dwellers Should Get A Foldable Bike

Let’s face it: living in the city is very much different from living in the country, or even suburbs. Homes are smaller, roads are wider, there are vehicles everywhere, and life in general is more fast-paced and hectic. City dwellers know this all too well, and have become accustomed to sidewalks instead of gardens, shopping malls instead of parks.

In Malaysia, many people still rely on personal cars or motorcycles to commute to and from school, work, or play. This is not only costly, but also inconvenient and time-consuming, especially when encountering traffic jams. Foldable bikes are perfect for city dwellers who don’t have much space at home, commute to work every day, and generally aspire to lead a healthy life. Don’t believe us? Read on to find out why!

#1 Portable and convenient

Public transport is available in the Klang Valley, but first- and last-mile connectivity is still an issue, which is why foldable bikes will come in handy. it can be easily folded and carried into the train or bus, making it popular with commuters. Unlike regular bicycles which have to be locked outdoors to prevent theft, a foldable bike can be brought in to class, the office, any store or restaurant with the knowledge that it’s safely in your possession at all times. A foldable bike can easily fit into the back of a Myvi, so you can enjoy cycling along the beautiful beaches, or explore the narrow lanes of historial towns without much hassle during a local road trip.

Source: icebike.org

#2 Space-saving

Due to high property prices, homes in the city are becoming smaller. With reduced living space, city dwellers have to make sure every inch is fully utilised. Space saving tips and items are vital to keep living spaces neat and tidy. This is where a foldable bike can come to the rescue! It can fit in a storage cupboard, under a table, or even hung up on the wall. Even if you do have space to spare, being able to stow your foldable bike away indoors means less exposure to the elements, and less servicing required.

Source: Montague Bikes

#3 Economical

Forget about expensive parking fees, weekly petrol expenses, annual insurance and road tax renewals. Maintenance costs for a foldable bike are kept to the very bare minumum – maintain the tyres, pump them regularly and be sure the batteries inside the lights are charged. An occasional wash to keep it nice and clean wouldn’t go amiss either. In addition, foldable bikes are more affordable than regular bicycles, and way cheaper than mountain bikes.

#4 For all ages and tastes

Foldable bikes are usually smaller than standard bicycles or mountain bikes, which make them suitable for families with teenage kids and older adults. Most folding bikes have smaller wheels than their grown up counterparts, partly for easier folding, but also making them lower and easier to hop on. There are also a variety of styles to suit everyone. Whether it is something sleek, retro inspired, or vintage in style, foldable bikes come in a huge range of colours and designs, from a basket and leather satchels to a modern, streamlined frame in dazzling red.

Source: velojoy.com

#5 Good for health and the environment

Bicycling is good for health, and good for the environment too because it allows people to travel places without polluting the air. Forget the gym: commuting by bike is great daily exercise which to keep healthy and fit. Bring it to a nearby park for some recreation with the family, use it to buy small items from nearby stores, or run errands on weekends. There’s no need to start up the car and face the hassle of finding parking just to do some simple errands that are not far away.

Of course, always remember safety precautions such as wearing a helmet, no reckless cycling, and obeying traffic rules to prevent endangering other road users and yourself. Getting the knack of the folding and unfolding process may take some time and practice, but once you’ve got it, you can even do it with your eyes closed in less than a minute. At the end of the day, foldable bikes are a practical, fun and affordable alternative to conventional modes of personal transport, so get yours today now!

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