6 Simple But Unique Décor Ideas to Up Your Home Décor Game

Article by Jonah Poh Sure, minimalism is all the rage in interior design now, but you have to admit that a touch of home décor adds much more fun to any home or office. It doesn’t have to be huge or particularly eye-catching; the trick is to subtly showcase your unique taste in the small details around your work and living spaces. Extra points if your item(s) of choice is functional and funky at the same time! ‘What A Hoot’ Mini Owl Figurines What could these unbearably cute owls be staring at in the sky? These delicate and carefully carved owls are here to nest in your home when you have absolutely no idea what piece of décor to get next. Place them somewhere comfy like your shelf so they can have a good look at your room!
Source: AliExpress
Birds of a Feather We do love our feathery friends! Dislike seeing bare walls with nothing more than a few frames or mirrors? This is the jackpot if you have an artistic flair and would like to more than simply plan your home décor. Remember that the sky is the limit!
Source: Estate123 eStore
Graceful Reader Bookends If you take pride not only in your home décor but also your book collection, here is your cue flaunt both. Made carefully with cast iron, these figures through their connotations of flexibility will demonstrate your unfaltering and extensive knowledge.
Source: AllModern
Authen-‘teak’ Minimalist Tray Feel truly authentic with this top-class craft. This is the thing for all you authen-teak lovers out there: a step not too far from everyday objects, transformed into a unique complement when coupled with a tea set.
Source: Anthropologie
Futuristic Hexagonal Mirrors A shape you don’t see everyday, except in futuristic fiction shows! This simple complexity of a design will take your home décor game a few years into the future: something to spice up your living room or your reflection.
Source: Estate123 eStore
Twinkling Deer Light Always in the Christmas Mood? Collecting mementos for each season? Or simply love the twinkling charm of fairy lights? Here’s one to complete your collection. Embrace the joy and warmth of Christmas with this special gift from Santa!
Source: Estate123 eStore

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