8 Quirky Pillows to Impress Your Relatives This CNY

Christmas and New Year’s have already passed, but it’s no time to rest, because Chinese New Year is right around the corner! CNY is an important occasion for Chinese families, not only because we get the rare opportunity to catch up with friends and relatives, but also because of all the delicious snacks and feasts we get to enjoy throughout the festive season. In addition to that, there’s always that tiny little sense of kiasu-ness that prompts even the best of us to dress up, spring clean, cook, and even decorate to impress visitors, so it’s time to up your CNY game with these quirky pillows and cushions that are sure to spark some serious hunger pangs and/or home décor envy!

Orange Slice Cushion
Oranges – especially mandarin oranges () – are particularly linked to Chinese New Year, mainly because they are in season during this time of year, and the name in Cantonese sounds similar to the word for ‘gold’. No need to fight for a seat while peeling those oranges, because these orange slice cushions are perfect as chair seat covers as well as floor cushions. They even come in other fruity variants if you’re not a fan of citrus fruits.

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Pineapple Pillow
Another auspicious fruit found everywhere during the festive season, these pineapple pillows are sure to bring “ong lai” (invite prosperity) to your home, and spark some interest in your choice of home furnishings. Big or small, these punchy pillows make for awesome décor all year round in our tropical climate!

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Pineapple Tart Cushion
Nothing is more iconic for the CNY season than pineapple tart cookies, and this pineapple tart cushion looks good enough to eat! With no expiry date and best still, zero calories, these cushions instantly add an extra “Huat” (or prosperity) points to your house décor during Chinese New Year.

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Love Letter Kuih Kapit Bolster
Another crowd-favourite CNY snack, kuih kapit in the shape of rolled love letters always bring back fond memories of when we were kids, imagining they were cigars and holding them between our fingers while pretending to smoke. These larger than life – and fluffy – love letter bolsters are great for hugging while watching festive variety shows, and handy in a friendly pillow fight too! Just try not to nom them in your sleep.

(Source: Naiise)

White Rabbit Candy Bolster
Oh, the nostalgia this brings! Snuggle up on the sofa with this comfy White Rabbit Candy bolster that brings back memories of the deliciously creamy confection, and the mindblowing realisation that the sheet of transparent rice paper wrapped around the sweet is actually edible (and melts right on your tongue!). It’s always a pleasant surprise to find a bag of these sweets inside Chinese New Year goodie bags.

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Ang Pao Pillow
What’s Chinese New Year without red packets – or ang pao – right? These creative ang pao pillows are not only super comfortable to hug, they can also help you hide your ang pao loot from pesky siblings and nosy relatives! Absolutely perfect complements to your CNY home décor during the festive season.

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Gold Bar Cushion
While some might be tempted to claim this shiny gold bar for themselves, it might be best for you to remind your visitors that all that glitters is not gold. Its gleaming gold surface belies the soft, squishy innards of this giant gold bar cushion, and a whole stack of them on your sofa will be sure to impress not only your relatives, but even the God of Prosperity (财神) himself!

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Gold Ingot Pillow
If shiny gold bar cushiona aren’t your thing, perhaps this traditional gold ingot (金元宝) will fit in with your Chinese New Year theme instead. Soft, huggable, and with a cute piggy design to boot (it is the year of the Pig, after all), whoever is hugging it might just drift off to blissful sleep and dream about neverending riches and fortune for the whole year.

(Source: Taobao)

Who knows? With these creative pillows as conversation starters, you might finally get to bond with a distant cousin over a mutual love of kuih kapit (rolled love letters), have a friendly debate over the economics of cash ang paos versus gold, and maybe even snag the ‘top secret’ recipe for Aunty Ling’s famous pineapple tarts!

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