Celebrate the month of LOVE with Feng Shui

(Written by Bella Loo, edited by Laura Lee) This year, Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day both fall in February, the month of love. Since we’re on the topic of all things LOVE this month, why not try some not-so-conventional ways to boost your personal life and relationships? No matter if you’re single, taken, or married, good Feng Shui can enhance and harmonize your lifestyle, by improving and supporting your existing relationships or attracting new partners, and bringing harmony and joy to everyone in your home. Check out these great Feng Shui love tips for home decorating and furnishing!

For Couples

First, we need to start it right by activating the love and relationship area in your bedroom. The bedroom is one of the most important areas for Feng Shui adjustment, as it optimizes the love energies in your home. Locate the love corner of your room, which is the top right corner from the door. Keep the area clean, cheery, and bright. Make some small changes in the bedroom by throwing away dried flowers and replace it with a gold-plated red rose or LED roses on the bedside table. This helps remove the ‘dead’ (negative) energy from your bedroom, further illuminating and stimulating the romantic energy in the bedroom. Check out these 5 pretty lighting ideas5 Pretty Lighting Ideas for Bedrooms for inspiration!
Plants help to ‘grow’ relationships, while lights illuminate the romance.

For Singles

Singles searching for their someone special can place images or paintings on the wall facing your feet, or hang them on the wall where you can first see in the room. The painting of peonies (chinese symbol of love) indicates the unending love and trust for each other. Choose images that will enhance love, fun and peaceful relationships. Avoid choosing images of solitary items and stark landscapes! Instead, opt for pictures or paintings of soft, romantic, uplifting scenes, or even cute animals and happy people. Try to find paintings of mandarin ducks as well, which are commonly used as symbols of eternal love in Chinese culture.
Romantic paintings can help set the mood for love.

Rose Quartz

One more important thing to note: never decorate for one! Instead of displaying personal photo, decorate using paired objects or accessories, and move out all the stuffed animals from your bedroom. To encourage and deepen self-love, place rose quartz crystals and Feng Shui jewelry in the love and relationship area of your bedroom. (Yes, singles are encouraged to cultivate the ‘love corner’ mentioned above too!) Rose quartz isn’t just the latest trending colour – it is also highly effective for enhancing romantic energy around you! They make great accessories to add to your outfit; this way, you can carry around that positive energy with you to attract a potential love interest.
Rose quartz are great enhancers of love in Feng Shui.
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