Cool Christmas Gift Ideas For Each Family Member

Christmas is just around the corner, and if you haven’t prepared any gifts for your family members, it’s probably time to hustle and get to it! If you’re wondering what to get for your family members, fret not – our Christmas gift guide is here to help you get the perfect gift for dad, mum, bro and sis!

For Dad

Creative Metal Wine Holder & Cork Container
The festive season is a good excuse to break out a few bottles of wine to share with friends and family, so why not get him a wine holder that doubles as a decorative accessory AND lets you keep track of how many bottles you’ve opened (via the attached cork container)? It is sure to be a conversation starter as people will be curious and fascinated by the unique wine rack design!
Available at eStore123 from RM99.90.

Personalized Keyring
Everyday items are the most practical gifts (particularly for guys), so why not get him a personalized keyring? It will definitely be used daily, and is a great reminder of the person who gifted it to him. A thoughtful and functional gift will always be appreciated, don’t you agree?

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For Mum

3-in-1 Fleece Blanket
Even though we live in a tropical country, some air-conditioned indoor places can still get pretty cold (e.g. shopping malls, cinema, office), not to mention the intermittent rainstorms that bring chilly winds. A nice fleece blanket can keep her warm and toasty, and can be used 3 ways: lap blanket, throw rug, or worn around the shoulders like a shawl. It’s the perfect gift, because you can tell her it’s like buying three gifts in one, so it’s not a waste of money!

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Pampering & Relaxation Session
Depending on what kind of relaxation method she likes, a nice, relaxing spa/massage/ manicure/pedicure/makeover/hairstyling session will be a great gift for her. Make her feel like the queen she is by arranging a pampering session at a luxury spa or salon for her, paying for it in advance, and be her chaffeur for the day. Even better? Join her for the session and enjoy some quality bonding time!

For Brother

Foldable Bike
Living a healthy lifestyle in the city is not easy, but a foldable bike is a great solution to travelling light and cheap around the city streets! This foldable bike can be used for his daily commute to school or work, easily carried and stored. It’s also ideal for running short errands for mum, so you can stay in while he rides out! 😉
Available at promo price of RM899 at eStore123!

Mini Retro Arcade Game
Christmas is the time to reminisce the good old days, and this mini arcade game – with real playable games! – is the perfect nostalgic gift for gamers everywhere. With LED screen and speaker, it’s a mini upgraded version of beloved arcade games from the 90’s. We do advise to proceed with caution though; it’s tempting to keep it for yourself because of how addictively fun the games can be!

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For Sister

Chubby Kitty Plush
Most girls cannot resist fluffy plush toys, and these cute chubby cat plushies are pretty darn adorable! These kitties make awesome pillows, cushions, or even arm rests. The size is just perfect for to put on the lap and stroke its fluffy fur for fun and relaxation.
Available in black, white, and grey at eStore123 at RM79.90 each.

Cute Sleepy Puppy Planters
Be it on a work desk or study table, it’s always nice to have a touch of greenery around. Get her one of these cute sleepy puppy planters and pick a sturdy plant (succulent or cactus) to place inside it. Not only will it provide some eye relief between work/study, it is also a great way to cultivate an indoor plant and see it grow. Learn to love nature and gain some relaxation from it it too!
Available in various designs at eStore123 at RM45.00 each.

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