Cute & Quirky Water Bottles to Keep You Hydrated in Hot Weather

The weather has been pretty crazy lately, with sweltering sunshine, windy breezes, gloomy rainclouds, and booming thunderstorms, sometimes all within the same day! However, the temperature has generally been quite hot, which is why it’s important to drink lots of water, stay hydrated, and avoid going out outdoors without some form of shade to protect you from the blistering rays. It may be easy to overlook getting enough liquids, but we’re sure these quirky water bottles will help remind you to stay hydrated every so often!

Spray Mist Water Bottle

We already have water in the bottle, so why not use that water to refresh ourselves with some cooling mist? That’s the idea behind the spray mist water bottle, and the innovation is very useful, especially for people who are often outdoors under the hot sun. Staying hydrated by drinking enough water, and keeping yourself cool by spritzing some cold mist, is a good way to avoid falling sick. We don’t recommend filling this water bottle with sweet or fizzy drinks though… you might forget and accidentally press the mist yourself with sugary soda! 😛

Mini Electric Fan Water Bottle

When the air is hot and humid without any ventilation, it sometimes feels like you’re melting in the heat! Well, this water bottle that comes with a mini electric fan is sure to cool you down quick. Not only does it keep you hydrated, the mini electric fan can be easily recharged so you can always keep cool on-the-go. Psst… this will come in super handy when hiking, or going to pray during qing ming too!

Dumbbell Water Bottle

No time to hit the gym? Dislike the sticky, sweaty feeling after exercising in this hot weather? Now you can stay fit and hydrated even at while working! With this dumbbell-shaped water bottle, you can easily do simple exercises at your desk! Just fill the bottle with the desired amount (weight) of water, and use it just like any you’d find in the gym. Suitable for all ages.

Cute Unicorn Water Bottle

Girls and young-at-heart women can hardly resist cute stuff, and this unicorn water bottle is positively kawaii! Fun pastel colours accompany the cute unicorn designs, and the glittery cap with unicorn ears and horn is sure to catch the attention of everyone around. Whimsical and dreamy with a touch of fairy tale magic, it’s a cute, fun reminder to keep drinking water every so often!

Pillbox Water Bottle

This water bottle will definitely come in handy, especially for those who need to take their medication regularly. It’s a simple transparent bottle with a 7-day pillbox attached to it, and a screw cap that also doubles as a cup! Just put your pills or vitamins into the small compartments, pop it into your bag before going out, and you won’t have to worry about missing a dose or not having any water to wash it down.

Water Bottle with Infuser Core

What can be more refreshing than a nice, cool drink of water? Why, water infused with fresh fruits, of course! This water bottle with an filter core allows you to place fruits and teabags inside so you can infuse drinking water with your favourite fruits and flavours! From zesty citrus fruits to yummy berries, the possibilities are endless! Don’t fancy infused water? Simply remove the core and use it like a regular bottle.

Plastic Milk Carton Water Bottle

This quirky plastic water bottle is shaped to look like a milk carton! It’s a novel way to store your water and drink it, plus the looks on your friends’ faces as you pull this out of your bag will be totally priceless! Made from sturdy plastic, it is sure to keep your drinks fresh and cool.

Starry Sky Water Bottle with Phone Stand Cap

One way to save money when eating out is to bring your own water bottle along, and this pretty water bottle not only looks good, it also functions as a phone stand! Handy for lone diners who want to catch up on their favourite shows, it can help you save money on drinks and keep you hydrated at no extra cost. A win-win in our book!

Insulated Thermal Water Bottle

Nobody likes drinking lukewarm water on a hot day, that’s why insulated water bottles are a godsend during hot weather. Covered in pretty designs on a sleek lightweight metal body, these insulated thermal water bottles can keep cold drink cool and hot drinks warm for quite a number of hours, making it ideal when going out and about for extended periods of time.

Flat Notebook Water Bottle

Space-saving is important, especially when you have to carry around a notebook, long purse, handphone, lipsticks, keys, tissues, and everything else in your work bag! These flat notebook-shaped water bottles can be easily slipped into the side of a bag, and provide you enough hydration through the day when needed.

What other ‘cool’ ways do you have for keeping yourself healthy and hydrated when the heatwave strikes? Share with us!

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