Functional Minimalist Home Decor That Will Spark Joy

In the midst of the KonMari craze this year, it’s important to remember that there are plenty of things that we don’t really like, but are essential to our lifestyles. While it can be soothing to clear our closets and clean out the things we no longer use, we don’t blame you if you’re looking for something that is both beautiful, functional, and suits the minimalist Marie Kondo aesthetic. Luckily, there are plenty of useful products that not only function well, but also look beautiful enough to display proudly in our homes and spark joy in our hearts.

Modern Art Origami Vase
Minimalism meets modern art with these origami vases. Pick from monochrome tones and cheerful hues to suit your interior décor, and make it a statement piece in your home. Its unique geometric patterns and bold colours are the epitome of simple, creative design that is sure to add a pop of personality to your abode. Buy it here and here.

2-in-1 Coffee Table Floor Lamp
Everybody loves a multi-functional product, and if it looks good, even better! This 2-in-1 coffee table and floor lamp is perfect for your living room, study room, and bedroom. Put it next to the sofa or reading chair for a cozy little corner for yourself, or place it next to the bed as a side table and reading light. It even has three light modes to suit every occasion!

Gold Swirl Marble Matte Plate
Nowadays, it’s all about ‘doing it for the gram’, and the key to amazing foodie shots is how good the food looks. This deep dish plate checks all the boxes for minimalist aesthetic and is perfect for all sorts of food, from salads to pasta, and even rice meals. The raised sides of the plate ensure your food doesn’t escape its confines, and makes it ideal and practical even for food with gravy or soup. Buy it here.

4-Piece Stainless Steel Cutlery Set
Of course, you’ll need some pretty utensils set to go with that marble plate! This set of cutlery in a matte gold finish is just the thing to complement the gold marble swirl pattern, and includes 4 vital components for any meal: spoon, fork, knife, and tea spoon. Be it flatlays or #foodporn, these minimalist tableware will definitely up your Instagram game.

Cool Stone Marble Memo Pad
Add a touch of subtle beauty to your workspace with these cool marble memo pads. Say goodbye to boring and uninspiring paper pads! Make your notes memorable and create an impression with a message written on marble. It will also look really cool on your writing table. Buy it here in all its 400-page glory.

Transparent Glass Pitcher
It doesn’t get any more minimalist than this fully-transparent, heat-resistant glass pitcher! Fill it with coffee, tea, milk, orange juice, strawberry milk, and anything else you can think of, and see the colours transform your glass pitcher into a work of beverage art. Pair it with some transparent glass cups, and you’ll always have crystal clear info on when to top-up your drinks.

Rose Gold Wall Clock
There’s a reason why rose gold has been one of the hottest trending colours in the past few years. More striking than silver, yet lacking the ostentatiousness of yellow gold, this rose gold wall clock will fit right into the homes and offices of those who appreciate contemporary minimalist design and colour schemes. Stylish and easy-to-see from every corner of the room, it’s the perfect blend of form and function. Available here in 4 colours.

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